We have been providing our services for over 15 years and have built a great reputation based on consistent top quality photography & video, prompt delivery and competitive rates.

We are renowned for our flexibility and can shoot practically anything, anytime, anywhere.

In a world full of affordable high quality digital cameras it’s understandable that photography is ‘given a crack’ in a country that embraces everything DIY. The reality is that a camera does not make a photographer and DIY digital photography has destroyed many an occasion or brand. Our customers understand that the 15 years of experience we have allows us to provide the difference between an OK image and one that represents your brand, product, service and people in the best possible way.

Come visit us to have a chat about your needs. Whether you need photography, video and/or any other related services we can tailor a solution that meets your requirements and budget. Of course, if you can’t make it to us we’re more than happy to visit you where and whenever convenient.

In 2004 the doors  swung open. 15 years on the lights are still flashing, the shutters are still firing and creative ideas are still being realised at the deft push of an index finger.I"cut ones teeth" in 1994 in the engine rooms of ‘Agency World’ learning the mechanics of an image; what colour is and what’s important about a highlight, mid tone, quarter tone and shadows. Over the last 20 plus years the creative, composition and lighting techniques have been honed and developed resulting in work that reflects a harmony of both the technical and creative.

As an established commercial photography business the collaboration with marketers, creatives, business owners and grafters provide a real-world understanding and empathy that set Visual Chocolate apart from most of its competitors. If you aren’t from an advertising/creative agency or a marketing professional you will get the benefit of our experience and the same level of service as any agency or marketer would. We are a fun and friendly team with positive energy and photography smarts in spades.

Our sole objective is to produce a tangible representation of your concept/brief/idea, creating images that aren’t just seen but remembered.


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